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Garden Fencing Cambridge

Garden Fences provide privacy, security, and shade. They protect people and pets from dangerous situations providing peace of mind. They also make gardens more attractive as part of your garden landscaping. There are many different types of fences available. You can choose from wood, metal, or plastic fences.

Garden Fencing Services

At Landscape Gardeners Cambridge, We strive for excellence among garden fencing contractors. Along with the vast selection we offer, our fencing installers work hard to exceed the clients’ expectations regarding both the quality and customer service. We’re here to help you learn more about your options and discover what would be the best garden fencing option for your fencing needs.

We’ll also schedule your installation, if needed, as soon as possible and at a convenient time for you.

Garden Fencing Cambridge

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We strive for excellence. Our garden fencing installers focus on delivering exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. We are here to provide you with information about your fencing options and what would be best for your specific fencing needs, along with scheduling an installation if needed. We will also schedule your installation as soon as possible and at a convenient time for you.

Garden Fencing Installation Repair 

Our company knows how to install and repair fences. We can help you choose the right kind of material, and we can make sure that your fence lasts for many years. You should be careful about choosing the wrong kind of wood because it could be dangerous for your health.

We provide excellent fencing solution for all kinds of fences. We install wooden fences, metal fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, bamboo fencing, and many more. We also do repairs and maintenance. You can choose any kind of fence material you want. We will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Garden fencing needs to be repaired by professionals. Landscape Gardeners Cambridge offers a wide range of services including repairs and replacements.

Our Garden Fencing team can help you with your garden fencing needs. Contact us today!

Garden Fencing FAQs

Wood fence panels are the easiest to install, and they’re also very durable. There are many different types of garden fences available, including traditional styles like Featherboard. Modern, semi-solid, and decorative panels are becoming increasingly popular, like Venetians Hit and Miss.

Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. Products with a longer lifespan are preferred over those with a shorter lifespan. This saves money by reducing frequent repair and replacement costs. However, this also means less treated fencing ends up in landfills, which is better for the planet.

Other Types:

  • Metal Fencing
  • Picket Fencing
  • Semi-solid fencing panels provide the most privacy, while solid fencing panels offer the least privacy.
  • Open fencing panels are used to create demarcation zones, such as a picket fence around a cottage.
  • Traditional fencing panels are timeless, while contemporary fencing panels are modern.

Our standard fence panels are 1.83 m wide by 6 ft high. Gravel boards are recommended with our panels, bringing the total height of the fence up to either 1.97 m or 1.79 m. Other heights are also available to suit different requirements, such as 1.65 m tall. Cut-down kits are used to make fences shorter than the panels themselves.

We would recommend either our timber or metal posts that are guaranteed to last 25 years. Our panels can be used with existing concrete posts. Make sure the concrete post has slots/rebates which allow for panels to be added.