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Best Type of Garden Fence

The best garden fencing options will depend on the size of your garden, what you want to keep out, and where it is located.

What type of fence is best for the garden?

The most common types of fencing used around gardens include wooden fences, chain link fences, and wrought iron fences. Wooden fences are usually made from lumber and are available in different styles. Chain link fences are often painted white and are commonly used for privacy purposes. Wrought iron fences are typically made from metal and are strong and durable. They are also known to be beautiful.

How tall should a fence be to protect a garden?

The height of a fence will depend on what you want to keep out. If it’s rabbits, then a 4ft high fence may be enough. But if you’re trying to keep out deer, then a 6ft fence may be required.

What type of fence lasts the longest

If you live near a busy road, you may want to consider using a chain link fence instead of wooden panels. Chain link fences are easy to install and repair, but they don’t last as long as wood. Wooden panels should be used if you have a small space and don’t mind the upkeep.

Garden Fence Comparison

A garden fence kit is a collection of fencing, fence posts, and accessories to create a complete garden fence. Garden fences are usually non-electric and cannot fail due to dead batteries or broken wires. Some electric fencing is offered but due to the minimal design options for residential settings,  a simple design such as a basic wood fence still provides an attractive appeal for your backyard paradise. They are engineered to protect your plants from wild animals but still keep your gardens’ aesthetic appeal.

There are 1000+ fence kits available, but there are many different types of garden fences. Most people choose an overlap style because it provides a barrier to digging animals. Overlapping garden fences also cover up any small hills or valleys in your yard. Burying the overlap helps to prevent mole tunnels.

An all-metal garden fence or a garden fence with a chew-barrier base is the most effective way to protect your garden from animal pests such as rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels, etc.

A 6 foot tall fence should be sufficient to protect a garden from wild animals. However, if you want to make sure there’s nothing else that might get into your garden, then a 7-foot fence should do the trick.

Below are some garden fence designs divided into two groups: Steel or steel and poly kits.

All steel or steel and poly fences with an extra layer of wire rodent barrier fencing. Includes a minimum of 6 inches of overlap to pin to the ground. Great for all kinds of animals. Our most popular type of fence. Can be removable or permanently installed.

This product is great for keeping your garden safe especially if you have a vegetable garden, garden beds, and a flower bed. It is made out of steel or polyester mesh. It has a minimum of six inches of overlap to help prevent animals from pushing under the fence.

These kits don’t have an extra layer of steel rodent barrier fencing or overlap pinned to the post. For example, you might have 5-foot high posts, and 5-foot fencing to attach to them. This is the best setup for portable fences, seasonal garden fences, or movable barrier fences, such as a 4-foot fence to keep geese away from your lawn or to keep children from wandering off into the street.

Enclosed with four sides and a bottom. Has a 1″ hole size to also keep out predators. Can also be removed but with substantial work. Fences are great for keeping out predators.

Best Decorative Garden Fence Ideas to Add Privacy to Your Backyard Oasis

Upgrade your outdoor space… Good fences make good neighbors. Fences provide both a physical and visual barrier between you and the world. Decorative fence ideas exist for every need and budget. You may want a privacy fence so you can sit on the patio and enjoy a cup o’ joe without feeling the gaze of others. Maybe you’re looking for something that highlights your landscape ideas, contains your pets, or keeps those pesky bunnies out of the lettuce patch.

When choosing a fence, consider your house and garden style. Traditional picket fences look great with a cottage-styled house. Horizontal pickets work better with Arts and Crafts-styled homes. A rustic fence made of wood or wrought iron works well with a rustic-style home.

A picket fence should be spaced at least 3 feet apart. This is a great idea for growing vines.

Bamboo poles work well because they are strong and easy to weave into each other. This beautiful wooden fence is made out of wood slats. It is very easy to install, and it looks great! You can also add plants or flowers to make it even prettier.

Cedar fences are timeless and modern. You can dress them up with flowers or plants.

A privacy fence made out of wood and bamboo. It has a solid bottom half and a screen top half. You can add cute plant pots with flowers to the fence. It also doubles as a home for helpful insects like bees and ladybugs!

This is a cute idea for a fence. You could use different colors of rope or even make it out of wood.

Some planters were made using cedarwood, metal fencing wire, plastic frames, and galvanized wire hanging planter buckets. They were made by hanging metal planter buckets with various herbs inside of them. The result is an attractive display of plants and herbs.

Pallets are great for creating fences. You can use them as a base for a garden, or you can put them together to create a fence. In this case, the pallet fence is made from wood, but you could also use metal. The pallet fence is decorated with plants and flowers.

A beautiful garden fence and planter combination. Privacy is provided with a lovely fence and planter combo while providing beauty and serenity to the yard.

Boxwood plants are used to make fences around gardens. They’re easy to trim and maintain. You can also use them to make hedges.

A simple yet elegant fence that divides your yard into two sections. The lattice fence pattern allows you to see what’s going on in both areas. You can either use pre-made panels or make them yourself.

Fences are usually made out of wood or iron. These fences are made out of steel. A pretty fence hides an ugly garden.

Vintage wire fencing is used to create a beautiful garden fence. It keeps the chickens away from the plants and looks great.

Wooden fences work well in a variety of gardens. They provide privacy, especially when planted next to other plants.

Bamboo fencing is easy to make and very strong. You can use it as a hedge or a privacy screen.